About Us

About Us

We’re a power-packed team of engineers with a vision installed in mind to upgrade the current living standard of humans to next version of futuristic experience. We are men from an IT background, carrying an info-rich vista of science & technology.

Our ideology is so powerful to morph anything general into a thing of value.

With Smart Home Automations, we have just stepped on paddle to launch our flight. We have a long way to go and with Smart Home Automations, we aim to set a firm foundation, so to keep our hopes and ambitions in close alignment.

For now, for Smart Home Automations, our aim is to enhance the traditional setup of hospitality centers, like hotels, real estate hubs, restaurants and bars.

We make our software skills attach with any home-based solutions to speak science. We mix software with any hardware device to append the application of it in real time, to match with the wonders that we witness in Sci-Fi flicks and sitcoms.


Contemporary Living model for Everyone
Our initiative zeroes in on integrating technology with the design, so to invent ahead-of-time living models. Our tech-derived vision teams up with architects to engineer much- awaited and-needed software solutions for hospitality centers.
Building Services & Consumer Electronics
Our resume entails building services that specifically capture consumer electronics. We reap learning from technical dwelling to bind it with corresponding verticals like hospitality hubs. Our services cover augmentation of the power of voice assistants, for the means of hospitality centers.


Our mission is to make home automation accessible, affordable and understandable to the world.
Our specialty is the setup and installation of universal home and business automation servers as well as gadgets and hardware from today’s most popular hardware manufacturers – all with one app and one user interface.

Change Live To The Best

We integrate advanced commands—meant to shift the accommodation experience in a hotel—with modern breakthroughs like voice recognition devices, like Alexa.

Start With A Vision

We strive to uplift the current status of human living. Envisioning a smart home for accommodation, we channelize software advances into hardware appliances.

Convenient Automation

Everything from minor to major is getting automated for convenience. To ease the day of our lives, we strive to automate every action that needs less of human attention.

Education & Upgrowth

To keep up with the pace of a dynamic look of our surroundings, we endeavor to inculcate software skills in existing electronic apparatus, to make them smarter and intelligent.



Alexa is the new medium of communication. From easing the typing hassle to browsing experience on the internet, Alexa has smoothened our online dealing with day-to-day activities by thousandfold. With our software-integrated Alexa, now you can:

  • Place order in homes
  • Control in-door appliances easily
  • Keep a track of activities
  • Summon waiter with voice command


Ours is a team of software and electronics experts who are passionate and dedicated toward improving technology awareness and its use, that they have earned during their educational span and work experience.

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