Home automation systems

Smarthomeautomations are Noida based smart home technology company, offering you wide range of smart home system and services at very competitive price at all over India. Home automation systems are the next big thing. You may not realize it yet, but somewhere your day will be easier because of it.

A smart home is a residence that uses internet-connected devices to enable remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems, such as lighting and heating.

Smart home technology, often referred to as home automation or domotics (“domus” from Latin, meaning home), provides homeowners with security, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency, by allowing them to control smart devices—using a smart home app on their smartphone or other networked device. A part of the internet of things (IoT), smart home systems and devices often operate together, sharing consumer usage data among themselves and automating actions based on the homeowners’ preferences.

Nearly everything in your home—including air-conditioners, thermostats, lights and garage doors—can be connected to the internet and be remotely controlled with a mobile device or smart speaker.

Setting up a so-called smart home can be mind-boggling: There is a plethora of different accessories that work only with certain products—and some work better than others. Here’s a guide to help you eradicate the jumble and become accustomed to your first voice-controlled smart home.

First choose your assistant

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant


Once you pick your virtual assistant, you’ll be able to choose a piece of hardware that will become your primary smart home controller.

Amazon’s Alexa: Echo Dot, Echo and Echo Show

Google’s Assistant: Google Home, Newer Android Smartphones

The world is becoming a smaller place—and smarter, too. Smart homes have bridged gaps between sci-fi vision and the long-held human desire to make life easier for its owners. 

America is leading the global change. Its 7.5% of homes are already adopting the technology and by 2022,  this number is expected to hit 19.5%.

At smarthomeautomations, we have smart home services that takes IoT into prime target. Spread across a broad price range our products and services align itself—with a host of great features—according to your budget and requirements.