Outdoor CCTV

Outdoor CCTV



To meet the need for high-quality, real-time image and video footage for top-notch security solution, we provide sophisticated cameras that harness the power of IoT, a cutting-edge technological breakthrough. 


Understanding your interest in customized camera designs, we cut across all layers—like Device Drivers, Connectivity, Mobile App Integration, Cloud Storage, Middle ware BSP, Multimedia—of leading platforms such as Linux, RTOS, and Android.

Planning about a Smart Camera Solution?

Smarthomeautomations—a pioneer in integrating smart technological solutions with traditional devices for extensive experience realization, paves an all-new way in domains like security, smart home automation, and automotive & commercial markets.


We formulate new software that burgeons life into conventional electronics and imparts a smart home automation experience. We give you the option of either selecting camera systems or picking individual components to complete an in-making camera system.


Our security camera system—optimized for quality, reliability, and latency—is perfect for remote viewing, live access over the internet on your computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.


Our team of engineers and designers work together to develop hardware, software, and mobile applications pivotal to camera products. We endeavor to engineer products that are cheap and come bundled, of course, with a dedicated customer support.