Smart Wifi Touch Panel Switch

Touch Panel Switch

Product Details:

  • Controls Lights, Fans & other Appliances via Touch Switches
  • Controls Fan Speed via Slider
  • Controls Lights, Fans & other Appliances via Remote Controller
  • Fan Speed Control in 4 steps
  • Single Key Shutdown/Wake up Function
  • Available in Standard sizes of Con-shield Box


  • Durable
  • Fancy Look
  • Feather touch buttons
  • LED On/ Off Indication



  • REMOTE CONTROL: You can control from anywhere using the Mobile app, which is available for free on iOS Appstore and Google Play-store.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Neutral Wire Required, Easily replace the traditional wall switch with no modification required. Applied to Home, Hotel, Office, Shop, Bar, Hospital smart lighting.
  • TIMER: The timer feature on the Flip iT 3 is designed to help activate/switch ON-OFF appliances in your smart home, including lights, lamps, and other electronic consumer items connected with your Smart Home technology. You can now come back to a bright and comfortable home using the timer function to activate your smart appliances remotely at a set time every day.
  • VOICE CONTROLLED: The Flip iT 3 is compatible for use with Google Home and Amazon Alexa Echo smart home technology platforms. You can easily switch ON/OFF smart appliances using only a simple voice command.
  • REAL-TIME MONITORING: No matter where you are, as long as there is a network, you can check the status of you Flip iT 3, such as confirming whether it is on or off
Smart touch switch description