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The advent of IoT and its marriage with home automation

by Smart Home

IoT, or Internet of Things, is the latest breakthrough in the technology domain. IoT comprises devices which can be accessed over the internet. 

Use of voice command—like Alexa, Siri, Cortana—and mobile applications are on the peak of trend. IoT in home automation is growing by leaps and bounds. The credit for its popularity goes to easing the lifestyle and giving a boost to energy saving. 

A survey conducted by Economic Times reveals the greater inclination of Indian youth towards IoT: 54% of them believe that IoT is having a smart home with connected devices and smartphones.

Let’s get to know three trending smart home automation tools in the family of connected home

Smart WiFi Switches

How long could you stretch electrical wires if you had to control electrical appliances from the comfort of office space—or vice-versa? 

Smart Features:

To discontinue such a reliance on wired products (besides native setting), smart Wi-Fi switches operate with an in-built Wi-Fi adaptor, allowing users to remotely access and control devices. With smart Wi-Fi switches, users also get to schedule the functioning time of a device and, thus, wisely optimize running hours.

As long as the home network is available, Wi-Fi switches can receive and transmit signals, indicating and changing the state and mode of operation. The circuit acts as an open and closed, based on the signal received from remotely fed command, from gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, or PC.

Smart WiFi Plugs

With SmartHomeAutomations’ smart Wi-Fi plugs, users get to control the devices right from the ease of phone or tablet. 

Smart Features:

Not only switching on or off becomes hassle-free operation, but also scheduling of devices for fixed—or required—durations becomes easy to maintain. So simple to understand: it’s a secondary control unit, apart from smart Wi-Fi switches, that lets you control the device whichever is plugged into it.

Next time if you forget to switch off the iron press, including lamps, fans, and wireless phone chargers plugged into a socket, don’t be worried about excess electricity consumption—or short circuit.

With smart Wi-Fi plugs, everything remains under your control. Manage your house like a boss!

Smart WiFi Sockets

All smart Wi-Fi follow the same set of rules as the aforementioned devices. They connect to your phone over Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth) and allows you to turn any device plugged into it, off or on.

Smart Features:

Some products let you drive your thoughts to a bit further with zones and scenes.

With an increment in zones, users get to command several devices plugged into one socket. With scenes, some sockets go the extra mile and recognize a user’s daily pattern of dependence on a particular device and adjust itself accordingly, scheduling time for on and off by itself.

Bottom line

With the fusion of two infrastructure-based innovations, home automation, which in the past was limited to local operation only, can now be controlled remotely. Shortly, it’s expected to have IoT and home automation as common as smartphone now in 2019.